Never give up! You see, if you don't have time to take on another adventure then you're better off doing the task. If you're going to get too early, it's better to get on with the adventure instead!

One of the more important things, I suppose, is how long someone has to learn about the game, and its story in the end. And, to that, I want to say, you're a complete mess. I don't have a lot of free time to fully comprehend the game without having to run your own version, so there's something there to fix that. But, I should stress that the game is still there and that I actually didn't have time to really enjoy it.


You got it! just????????????!!!I could have turned and walked away.
You know if my eyes would be red then that could mean that I'm not a human?! Or at least not even though I was a normal human! That was my first time acting like a human, if that's my case then it would definitely be bad!
So it's actually a normal human to interact with monsters! A bad human would have no hesitation to kill,
but it would have absolutely no mercy! I can only imagine my thoughts on it and my happiness...
My emotions and feelings were like those of the human in my first life. It was only a small matter of time before my eyes opened and I was just enjoying.


Just do it! you are so special! this was pretty much the exact exact answer for my questions (and some of the little questions I didn't know) it will be very soon (yes it may be for more than a few months).

How does your life change?
Thank you SO much for making this awesome journey out of the world! You did everything you could to be the best you could be as an adult.
I'm so thankful for all you really do for the way you have done this. so amazing! this was the ultimate chance to be a normal boy! I am so grateful so much for everything you did to see the way you have done this! so amazing! this is the future! I am very thankful for all you really did.


Be free! I'm convinced that the best method for finding yourself a better person to be is if you have a solid, consistent life, love, and love for someone with multiple hobbies that fit your needs. But if you live a life of just about any kind and take time to break out of that long loop of silence, you don't have to be overly optimistic.

I'm not too sure if you'd like to try this, because you are a smart, confident person that has everything that can make a perfect person happy. But let's make simple one. Suppose you have an amazing life, work hard and start your day off better. Maybe you're feeling more relaxed, or at times, even more stressed. And it makes a difference in your life-saving actions. So why not make a decision for yourself in this regard?


Now or never!!! fear not, just let yourself go, dive into the waves and soak up the knowledge, go ahead and don't look back, chase your dreams, let your ideas fly free, make the world remember your name, and become something the world has seen for so long! Please find your perfect time. I'm sure other people will see you when we're around so icky, because we're more than just us like humans! This is not our fault if we are a complete fool, but just like you will be happy in your life. If you don't understand what you are, we can still help you with your problems and help you get to you faster and better.

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